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We Are Light | Gerda Blees | Podium (LannooMeulenhoff)

A tense and yet highly amusing novel about small people in a big world, and their common but catastrophic desire to believe in higher ideals.  -  Impressive award-winning debut novel
Four members of a commune stop eating because from now on they want to live on light and air. Each character has its own reasons for this extreme decision, which ends up costing the protagonist, Elisabeth, her life. And each of the 25 chapters opens with the words ‘We are…’ and is told by a different narrator: from Elisabeth’s parents and siblings, the neighbors and her sister’s lawyer to the night, the daily bread, the scent of an orange, dementia, doubt, and Elisabeth’s own body. Each narrator has a unique and distinct voice and makes an essential contribution to the novel’s complex tapestry.

"An ingenious and highly original composition." ―Jury, Libris Literature Prize
"Convincingly, Gerda Blees finds her meticulously narrated way through the mine field of fashionable trends." ―Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B)
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
Fiction: #debut&awarded  #25narrators
Original language: Dutch. Full English text available
Rights sold: Albanian (Muza Botime), German (Zsolnay), English (World Editions), Italian (Iperborea), Croatian (Hena), Serbian (Tre?i Trg), Slovenian (Goga), Spanish/Argentina (Serapis)
Link: We Are Light in the Letteren fonds

Listen | Sacha Bronwasser | Ambo Anthos

In 1989 twenty-one-year-old Marie leaves the Netherlands in a great rush. In Paris she starts work as an au pair for a bourgeois family and tries to build a new life for herself.

In the publisher's words: A literary hot title covering all kind of subjects (identity, friendship guilt, obsession, abuse, power relations, terrorism), connecting these most elegantly. In her poignant, straightforward and elegant style Bronwasser handles this fast-paced story perfectly. She grips the reader from the beginning and keeps you wondering as to what will happen next. All expectations of the reader again and again are not met.

6 weeks – 6 prints – 10.000 copies

"A highly ingenious novel that is also moving. Resolute and evocative, and told in a way that definitely rewards the reader." – NRC
"Ingenious new novel. Masterfully constructed. A novel that you can only admire." – Trouw
"A meticulously constructed and convincing story that gets under your skin from the very first page." – De Telegraaf
"Multi-layered story, with an interesting structure." – Het Parool

Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B)
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
256 p.
Fiction: #LiteraryThriller  #QuickBestseller  #ThoughtProvoking
Original language: Dutch. Long English sample available
Rights Sold: Norwegian (Solum Bokvennen), world English (Penguin)

The Chinese Woman From The Painting | Florence Tholozan| M+ Éditions (Leor Agency)

One day, browsing the stands at a garage sale, two lovers Melisande and Guillaume’s gaze fall upon a strange painting. In the foreground, they see a serene Chinese woman, while in the background they spot a couple who could easily be themselves but much older. How can such a coincidence be possible? Or is there something more to it? To unravel the mysteries, the two lovers set off on a great journey through China. They don't yet imagine all of the secrets that the painting is hiding and how much their life will change. 

A contemporary love story, faithfully reproduced in a historical painting, directly leads a couple on a mysterious journey into the heart of China.

  • Winner of the 2020 Authors Words Award
  • Finalist of the 2019 Romantic Book Award
  • Finalist of the 2021 Lions Literature Award

Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B)
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
276 p.
Fiction: #Romantic #LifeChangingTravel
Original language: French. English Sample available.
Rights sold: English (Harvard Square), German (Drachenhaus), Polish (Slowne), Russian (MTS Library)
Link: Plot & Key Selling Points

The Sleeping Car Porter | Suzette Mayr | Coach House

The Sleeping Car Porter brings to life a long-neglected part of Black and queer histories through the spell­binding, magical story of the singular –and unforgettable– Baxter, the car porter.


Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B)
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
224 p.
Fiction: #BlackHistory  #QueerLiterature
Rights sold: UK (Dialogue Books/Hachette UK), German (Wagenbach)
Link: Praises, Awards & Reviews

The Humanist Killer | David Zaoui| Livre du Poche (Leor Agency)

Babinsky has a gift. A gift from heaven. He aims and shoots like no one else. Taken in by a professional criminal in the orphanage where he grew up, he becomes a contract killer in spite of himself. But beware! He might be a hitman, but he is also a humanist who has made it his job to make his future victims happy before he kills them.

Babinsky is a hitman.
A hitman, yes, but he is also a humanist who has made it his job to make his future victims happy before he kills them.

Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B)
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
196 p.
Fiction: #CosyCrime  #UnusualThriller   
Original language: French. English sample available
Rights sold: Mass-market (Le livre de Poche), French audio (SAGA), Russian (MTS Library), Movie rights (optioned)
Link: The Humanist Killer in Leor's site

The Rule of Mirror | Yoshinori Noguchi | Comanegra

A magic rule to solve any problem in life. 
The most emotional story to learn how to solve life's problems by looking within yourself. Happiness was never so within reach. 

+ 1 million copies in Japan  |  200k copies in Spanish
Title of the bestselling EMOTION SERIES:
Small short books with inspirational fables on emotions

Rights held: World
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
104 p. · Softcover · 13x18
#FeelGoodFables #MagicRule #InspirationalSeries
Original language: Japanese. Foreign translations accepted from Spanish edition
Rights sold: Spanish (Comanegra), Italy (Sperling & Kupfer), Portugal (Presença), Greece (Pedio), Serbia (Vulkan)
Link: Meet the Author in YouTube

Bird is Dead | Tiny Fisscher and Herma Starreveld | Gottmer

Bird is dead. Yesterday he was alive. Some of the other birds cry a little. And that’s alright. Crying together can be nice. Then it’s time to give Bird a funeral. All of Bird’s friends and even some of the birds who didn’t like him that much are helping. They dig a grave. They speak lovely words. They sing a song. They miss him a lot, and cry some more. And after? Tea and worms. Or cake, if you don’t like worms.

Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B)
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
32p · Hardcover · 25 x 25 cm
Age: 6+ | Fiction
Original language: Dutch. English complete version
Rights sold: English World rights, France, Germany, Japan, Spanish & Catalan (Birabiro)

The Mice Library | Carmen García Iglesias | Lata de Sal

Managed by mice, the library lends books to all the animals in the forest. The daily life is happy and readers celebrate book picnics. But one day, some rats (intrigued by the success of the books) decide to eat and destroy as many books as possible. The mice shocked and surprised, decide to get back all the books and to do so, they will need to learn how to make books and to travel back in time to look for its authors. Will they save the destroyed library?

Rights held: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese (P&B) | World
Enquiries: info@asteriscagents.com
64 p. | Hardcover | 17 x 24 cm 
Age: 7+| Fiction
Spanish. Full English text available
Rights sold: Portuguese (Palavras & Rimas)